Help to save a venue that means something to you...

Perhaps it was where you grew up or where your band started out..

Adopt a venue from our “Save a Venue” map and organise an ‘at home’ performance for your fans to raise money for your chosen venue. Our map has the specific Crowdfunder campaign link for each individual venue so that YOUR fans can donate to YOUR chosen venue’s Crowdfunder campaign and help to #saveourvenues

Simply follow these guidelines to help you easily organise a live-stream of your performance.

If you don’t need our help and have already organised your own ‘at home’ shows, submit your event and point your fans towards the #saveourvenues donations page

Spread the word about to your fans on social media using the hashtag #saveourvenues. If you could post a short video to your social channels of you talking about how much grassroots music venues mean to you and urge people to visit that would be amazing!

Remember to use the hashtag #saveourvenues everywhere…