Process for Artists

Artists are invited to look at the ‘Venues in Crisis’ map and then:

  1. Select a venue, check out its current fundraising totals, and decide to support that venue with an online fundraising event. We urge artists to be realistic about their potential to raise money; setting a target to achieve a portion of the money needed by a chosen venue is actively encouraged
  2. Download a toolkit of how to stage that event, how to link to the venue, and how to run the event to drive donations to support that venue
  3. Create the show / event on your chosen platform(s) using the toolkit information to optimise fundraising effectiveness
  4. Submit the event so that it becomes a registered #saveourvenues event. The upcoming event appears in the #saveourvenues listings page, driving fans to select shows to watch, and will be promoted on social media by our partners
  5. Publicise the event through your own online channels, email and social media
  6. Hold the event and the venue receives donations towards its fundraising target from your fans

Remember to use the hashtag #saveourvenues everywhere…